You can also cause myriad other problems by installing incorrect driver updates, especially those that aren’t downloaded from original equipment manufacturer sources. No matter what specific problem your drivers might have, if you leave them without an update for long enough, it may cause more problems, be they minor or fatal to your computer system.

If you recently updated graphics drivers and are experiencing issues with your Windows 10 computer, you may want to revert back to the previous version of the graphics driver. Windows will still receive other updates but will exclude drivers from being installed on your computer. In that case, you may have to download and install drivers manually. We only need to install the drivers once, and their regular updates are actually optional for us to download. However, it is strongly recommended that we update our drivers to the latest version if available, to avoid any software conflicts or problems from occurring. Let’s say I’m using my laptop away from home and come across a new driver update for my gaming keyboard. Instead of returning home first, I can promptly download the file inside a USB to be installed later, in case I forget.

#3. Update your Windows 10 device drivers through the Manufacturer’s Website

If you downloaded the .zip version, extract the .zip file and then double-click the SETUP.EXE file to start the driver installation. An alternate method is to follow the instructions in the readme text file of the driver for a manual Have-Disk installation. Even a two- or three-year-old PC will likely get along fine with the original driver for its hard drive, though a BIOS refresh might be helpful. As in my case, video cards and wireless-network adapters are likely to benefit most from a new driver.

is it important to update drivers

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